Not all that many years ago, Family Readiness Groups (FRGs) as they were known, held fundraisers for welcome home events and send-offs, met regularly for coffee, or other social activities, and met at the armory for morale, welfare, and recreation events. These days, the purpose of the SFRG is to provide everyone with information, resources, and information that benefit the Soldier and their family. The SFRG is lead by unit commander and includes all Soldiers, married as well as single, their spouse, other family members, and even former members of the unit.

The goal of the SFRG is to conduct activities that support Soldiers and families and their ability to manage their quality of life by providing information, practical tools for adjusting to deployment and separations, and changes that impact military families. In many units, volunteers in the SFRG are appointed by the unit commander to communicate needed information to military members and their designated point of contact. If the unit does not have a SFRG volunteer, the commander will communication to Soldiers and their families, or enlist the assistance of the unit’s Soldier & Family Readiness Specialist. If you would like to become a volunteer with your Soldier’s unit, or learn more about Soldier & Family Readiness, follow us on social media at, Programs, or call 1-800-292-9464, option 1.