Did you know that you can save hundreds of dollars heating your house with a few simple tips? Not every household is the same, but with some simple changes you could potentially save. Heating the house in Wisconsin during the winter can be costly. Here are five tips to make sure you are doing everything you can to save and still be comfortable.

1. Changing the Filter on your Furnace This seems like a simple task, but during the winter months we tend to run our furnaces and by making sure this is changed at least every three months will make sure the furnace is running efficiently. It will also help with the quality of air in the home.

2. Open the Blinds and Curtains during Daylight By opening the blinds and window it will allow the natural sunlight to heat the home a few degrees. Close them once the sun goes down as there is no benefit and may actually cost more when there is no sun light. 

3. Update your Thermostat or Set Your Schedule This one can be a game changer for some. Many households have their heat on for the entire day, yet there is no one home benefiting from the energy. Many smart thermostat have the ability to tell when someone is in the home. Others you will need to schedule. If your thermostat has neither of these options it is costing you money and is time to replace it. Residential | Focus on Energy offers many discount and rebates on thermostats as well as tips on how to set them up for efficiency.

4. Make sure your Windows and Doors are Sealed Weather Stripping is important for heating and cooling the house. This is a simple and inexpensive way to make sure your do not have drafts of cold are entering around your doors and windows.

5. Outlet Covers This one is not oblivious as the window and doors but any outlet that is on an exterior wall should have insulation behind the cover. This is because many time the insulation is around you outlet but not in it and make it a cold spot. These are inexpensive and can help reduce drafts of cold air entering the home.

For more energy and money saving tips visit Residential | Focus on Energy.  

Even if you do everything right, the unexpected can still happen. The weather is below zero and suddenly the furnace quits and repair or replacement is needed. The Service Member Support Directorate is standing by ready to assist with an unexpected emergency bill. Contact us at 1-800-292-9464 option 1 for information, resources, or referrals to programs to assist with repairs, replacement, or other community based programs that help ensure your family is warm during the winter months.