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CVSO:  The CVSO is who you can contact to find out if you or your family are qualified for local, state, and federal Veterans’ benefits. CVSOs work with the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs and other Veterans service organizations to make sure you get all the Veteran benefits for which you  are eligible. County Veterans Service Officers are assigned to represent each county in Wisconsin. Additionally, each Tribal National in Wisconsin is represented by a TVSO.

Ebenefits:  Apply for benefits managed by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (health, disability, education, and Vocational Rehabilitation), manage VA records, and access health records.

WDVA:  The State of Wisconsin has a long history of providing generous benefits, programs and services to state residents who entered active duty from Wisconsin and continue to reside in the state. These benefits, programs and services are provided by the State of Wisconsin in order to supplement and complement those provided to veterans by the federal government. ​WDVA offers educational benefits, burial benefits, long-term care, and more.

The Service Member Support Division partners with county, state, and local government agencies to provide information, resources, and referrals to our customers.  We also partner with military installations to provide more comprehensive service to military families living in close proximity.  

Military One Source https://militaryonesource.com is a service contracted by the Office of the Secretary of Defense to provide information, resources, and referrals to community based organizations to address a variety of quality of life issues for currently serving members of the Armed Forces and their eligible dependents.

Fleet and Family Support Great Lakes, https://www.navymwrgreatlakes.com/, provides assistance to address Family Advocacy, Sail Assistance and Intercept for Life, Suicide Prevention, Financial Counseling, New Parent Support,  Sexual Assault and Response Program, Emergency Financial Assistance, Transition Assistance, Counseling, and community based referrals to Sailors and their families assigned to Naval Station, Great Lakes.  Many programs are also available to members of other service components and their families. 

Army Community Service, FT McCoy, https://mccoy.armymwr.com/programs/army-community-service, provides assistance to address emergency financial hardships, Army Family Team Building, employment readiness, family advocacy, mobilization and deployment support, relocation assistance, survivor outreach support, Sexual Assault Response Program, and military life cycle program to Soldiers and their families.  Many programs are available to members of other service components and their families. 

Soldier and Family Readiness, Rock Island Arsenal, https://www.army.mil/soldierresources/, supports Service Members and their families by addressing quality of life issues associated with urgent needs, moving and housing, pay and benefits, community support, retire services, legal services, medical support, and family support.