Stress – Coping with Stressors

By: Renee Simpson (Soldier and Family Readiness Specialist)

On any given day we all deal and cope with some level of stress. How we cope
with those stressors impacts our quality of life. While there are countless
“negative” stressors such as losing a job or a loved one we often overlook
that positive changes such as getting married, having a child or even moving
can affect our stress levels. Change is hard, but using the resources that
are available to you can decrease issues that can stem from these changes. 

When a situation does arise, it is best to remember that coping with stress
is a process and there is no quick fix. There are stress reducing activities
that can help your approach to coping with stressors.

• Get enough sleep 
• Regular exercise
• Eat a balanced diet
• Fun activities   
• Regular breaks during the work day 
• Practice relaxation exercises
• Decrease unhealthy foods and beverages

There are countless resources that are available to you that are designed to
help with whatever life has to throw at you. Here are a few resources that
can assist you down the path for success.

• Comprehensive Health and Wellness (WIARNG) – 608-242-3428
• Your local Chamber of Commerce
• County Facilities
• Veterans Organizations
• County Veteran Service Officers –
• Veterans Affairs Facilities –
• Vet Centers –

For many of us 2020 has had a huge impact on our daily lives and our ability
to cope. Always keep in mind that you are not alone and programs exist so
you do not struggle alone. The Wisconsin National Guard works hard each day
to provide countless programs to assist you and or your family for free.
Please visit for more information or call
1-800-292-9464, Option 1 for 24/7 assistance. All services provided are
confidential with mandatory reporting of “Duty to Warn”. We are here to help
you be successful and to never be alone.