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State Resilience Coordinator (SRC)

What is “Resilience”?

Resilience is the ability to grow and thrive in the face of challenges and bounce back from adversity.

What does “RESILIENCE” mean to the Wisconsin Army National Guard (WIARNG)?

The Wisconsin Army National Guard is committed to helping Soldiers and their Families be positive contributing members of their units and communities.  The Army National Guard Resilience Program teaches Soldiers and families valuable skills to navigate the up & down, twists & turns of life on this planet.  We believe if Soldiers are fit for life, they are fit for duty.  The Resiliency programs are built on the five pillars of Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness: Family, Physical, Social, Spiritual & Emotional Fitness.

Resilience Training Opportunities:

    • Master Resilience Trainer (MRT)
    • MRT Refresher Training
    • Resilience Training Assistant (RTA)
    • Deployment Cycle Resilience Training (DCRT)
    • Executive Level Resilience Training

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A MRT Candidate?

A Level 1 MRT is the basic, entry-level trainer who is responsible for leading small group (25-30 personnel) resilience and performance enhancement training at the company/unit level.  They advise the company leadership team on Comprehensive Soldier & Family Fitness (CSF2) requirements and implement best practices.

Enlisted MRT Candidates: E6 – E8 (E5 with exception waiver)

Officer MRT Candidates: O1 – O4

Warrant Officer MRT Candidates: W1 – W4

All Service Members attending MRT-C must:

    • Be in good standing
    • Have more than one year remaining on contract from course end date
    • Comply with AR 600-9, AR 350-1, and Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) policies
    • Current DA 5500/5501 (within six months of course end date)
    • Current DA 705 (within 12 months of course end date)

Department of the Army Civilians (DAC) MRT Candidates: GS 5 – GS 13

Installation Management Command Army Community Services (IMCOM ACS)
MRT Candidates: GS 7 – GS 12

    • Be in good standing
    • Have at least two years federal service remaining before retirement
    • Be in a job position that allows them to plan, schedule, and direct the organization’s resilience program
    • An Army Spouse can be nominated as an MRT Candidate by his or her Service Member’s Commander and must be statutory volunteers

If you want to know more about becoming an MRT candidate, we are here to help.  Contact the State Resilience Coordinator today!

State Resilience Coordinator (SRC) provides oversight for all training and reporting requirements regarding the Comprehensive Soldier & Family Fitness Program (CSF2). The SRC is the subject matter expert when it comes to resilience training requirements.

Curious if your unit/command has enough Master Resilience Trainers (MRTs)? Contact the SRC today!

Office: 608-242-3748 ng.wi.wiarng.mbx.resilience@mail.mil