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Hello! My name is Stacy Komar.

I am pleased to introduce myself as the Suicide Prevention Program Manager (SPPM). I am an Army veteran having served four years in Active Duty with the 2nd Infantry Division out of JBLM Washington and went on to serve in the Wisconsin Army National Guard (WIARNG) for three years with the 32nd IBCT. I have a B.A. in Social Welfare from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and have spent many years working in the human services field both within non-profit agencies and in the county sectors. My true passion is working alongside with and helping Soldiers, emphasizing and encouraging anyone to seek help when needed. My mission is to reduce the rate of suicide that continues to plague, not just the National Guard, but all Department of Defense military branches. I aim to do this by working as a collaborative member of the Service Member Support Division (SMSD); more specifically I do this by providing education, outreach and support to all units within the WIARNG. I often travel to units throughout the state to present the Suicide Prevention brief to Soldiers. I thoroughly enjoy doing this as it gives me direct face-face time with the Soldiers and begins to build a trusting and cohesive relationship with them which is vital in opening up for discussion and concerns centered on suicide.

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Stacy Komar


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The WIARNG began implementing the ASIST workshop in 2012, and since its launch the need and desire for this course has increased drastically. We continue to receive positive feedback on the workshop and the value it holds in reducing suicide within the organization. Through completion of the two day ASIST course, Soldiers have a better understanding of the attitudes and beliefs surrounding suicide and ultimately be trained as a Suicide Interventionist-an individual who can provide “suicide first aid” to another-whether this be a fellow Soldier, friend, family member or even a complete stranger.

I am incredibly honored to be a team member of the SMSD and to have the opportunity of working with the WIARNG. I look forward to seeing the Suicide Prevention Program continuing to progress and strive to make positive changes in the lives of individual Soldiers, units located throughout the state and ultimately, the WIARNG force as a whole.

Did you know Family members are 100% welcome to attend special ASIST courses? Any course that is held at Camp American Legion allows the Soldier and their Family to learn together about the realities and prevention of suicide. Soldiers and their Families can take advantage of Camp American Legion’s accommodations and various activities following the two-day class! Interested people should contact me. Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time with questions/concerns.

Thank you!


We will update our schedule in October for ASIST Courses for Fiscal Year 20