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SMSD Supports Military Families: The Force, Behind the Force

Military Families are special and unique. Our military family is comprised of Service members, spouses, parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, volunteers, veterans, retirees, community partners, and many others. Without the support our military family, many Service members would not be as physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually fit as required to perform the unique duties associated for the unique context of the state and federal requirements associated with Wisconsin National Guard Support. The Service Member Support Division (SMSD) provides services and programs to inform, prepare, and empower both Service members and their families with the resources and tools necessary to navigate the unique challenges associated with the military lifestyle. The SMSD Family Readiness Key Line of effort enhances the growth and resilience of a Service member’s fifth, domain of Comprehensive Soldier Fitness, the Family.

Each year, the family readiness program validates that each Soldier assigned to the Wisconsin Army National Guard has designated a primary point of contact for information related to Soldier and family readiness. Points of contact are designated by the Soldier annually at Soldier Readiness Processing (SRP) or for deploying units, just prior to the Soldier starting active duty orders. Current, primary point of contact information is vital to ensuring that the commander can account for the safety and well-being of Soldiers during a natural or man-made disaster, conducting outreach calls to families during a state or active duty deployment status, and communicating routine information on benefits, entitlements, family readiness, events, and community resources that enhance the overall well-being of Soldiers and military families.

If you received a 2019 Calendar and newsletter, you are one of over 7,500 primary points of contact designated by a Wisconsin Army National Guard Soldier. As a primary point of contact, it is both your responsibility and your Soldier’s responsibility to ensure that you maintain current information on file with the Family Readiness Team. Keeping your information current, enables your Soldier’s unit family readiness advisor to communicate with you and your family on quality of life issues or concerns, important unit events and dates, as well as other unit related information.

Finally, the Wisconsin National Guard Family Program Office wants to connect with you electronically. To do so, we need to ensure that we have a current email address on file for your family. We also want to ensure that your contact information is current. If you would like to validate that the Family Readiness Team has your current contact information (telephone numbers, email, or mailing address) on file, please contact 1-800-292-9964, option 3 or email us at ng.wi.wiarng.mbx.j1-smsd@mail.mil.