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Get Back to Work with These Job Searching Tips

MADISON, WI—May 20, 2020— ­­ At nearly 27%, Wisconsin’s unemployment rate due to COVID-19 is the highest it has been in decades, even surpassing the 11% unemployment rate of the Great Recession. Many service members and their families across the state are facing joblessness and financial hardship which greatly impacts our military readiness. These job searching tips can help you get back to work with a company that is currently hiring and later when business re-open their doors for full service.

1. Write a good resume: A polished resume will help you get facetime with hiring officials even if it is over video conference. Visit www.wisconsinmilitary.org or call 1-800-292-9464 (option 1) to work with a Soldier & Family Readiness Specialist to tighten up your resume.

2. Tailor your resume: You must use language that the employer is looking for when you submit your resume with an application. This could be as simple as changing “personnel manager” to “human resource manager” but it makes a HUGE difference. This is because your resume often goes through a computer program called an applicant tracking system to ensure you are minimally qualified. Some businesses use people to do this, but they are still scanning for key words.

  • Compare the position description with your resume. You can use programs like www.tagcrowd.com and www.jobscan.co. Copy and paste the position description against your resume and the program will do it for you. Adjust your resume based on the results of the scans. 
  • Re-arrange your bullet points from most important and relevant to the job to least based on the position description. This is for when HR specialists skim your resume to see if you are qualified for the job. It makes it easy for them to find what they are looking for.

3. Know where to look: You can do Google searches to find businesses in your area and apply directly on their websites. Otherwise, here are some search engines you can use:

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