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The Service Member Support Division is committed to providing a holistic fitness program to Service members and their families to empower them to succeed and achieve the highest levels of well-being and quality of life throughout their military career. Resources and programs are offered to increase the physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and family strengths. Holistic fitness programs prepare Service members for the battlefield, serving communities in times of natural or man-made disasters, as well as their daily lives.

WING 2020 Oct EO Diversity SAPR Newsletter

WING 2020 Sep EO Diversity SAPR Newsletter v3

Psychological Health Program

Psychological Health Program provides assistance and direction to Service Members (SM) and family members who have transitional difficulties in either adjusting to redeployment or life challenges which may be presenting barriers in quality of life.

Suicide Prevention Program Manager (SPPM)

Our mission is to reduce the rate of suicide that continues to plague, not just the National Guard, but all Department of Defense military branches.

September is Suicide Prevention Month. The slogan for the month is “Connect To Protect,” which emphasizes connections — to family, friends, the community, and the unit. Visit DSPO’s Suicide Prevention Month page to download resources you can share on your social channels, including a tip sheet for how to use Suicide Prevention Month materials, graphics, blogs, and more. #SPM20 #ConnectToProtect #BeThere www.dspo.mil/spm.

Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Assistance

Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Assistance provides prevention training to all Service Members and resources and referral services to victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. The program ensures victims of sexual assault are protected, treated with dignity and respect, receive support and advocacy and assists with identification of treatment resources.

State Resilience Coordinator (SRC)

The Wisconsin Army National Guard is committed to developing resilient Soldiers and Families, strengthening our units and our communities.  The Army National Guard Resilience Program aims to develop resilient Soldiers and families through a wide array of resourced, accessible, and effective programs built upon the five pillars of Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness: Emotion, Family, Physical, Social, and Spiritual Fitness.


The Chaplain Corps is here to provide religious support for any denomination, amongst many other services. Chaplains can provide confidential counseling and humanitarian support for individuals, couples, and families for any circumstance. With access to many resources, they can find the help you need or simply be a listening ear.