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What does Family Readiness mean?

What are Family Readiness Groups (FRG)? FRGs are made up of volunteers, unit family members, community partners, and the service members who work together to improve soldier and family readiness. The FRG is supported by unit officers and enlisted personnel who provide information and support for military families. FRGs are the main point of contact for families to learn news of Service member when the service member is away at drill weekend, annual training, or deployed.

The Department of Defense goal for family readiness is to ensure that family members are prepared and equipped with the tools to successfully navigate the challenges of military life. family readiness is the mutual reinforcement and support provided by family readiness key leaders to soldiers and their immediate and extended family. family readiness is a key component of unit readiness; a collaborative effort between commanders and volunteers who serve as liaisons and advocates for military families.

Family Readiness Support Services are a vital link between the unit commander, the soldiers assigned to the unit, their family members, and the community resources available to them. For example, the annual resource and benefit brief provides education on the quality of life services and programs that help families manage the unique challenges that come with the military life.

Our mission is to maintain the continuity and stability of family readiness as units undergo changes in volunteers and leadership. Our team provides training, administrative and logistical support to commanders, rear detachment commanders, and volunteers. By taking the administrative burden off unit leaders, the family readiness volunteers can concentrate on performing outreach to military points of contact. This outreach is vital to preserving camaraderie and stability on the home front, especially during periods of separation and deployment.

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