Spring cleaning is a planned event for many families but the holidays are a good time to tidy up with some holiday tidying up. It is also a great time to get the children involved and donate gently used toys and clothing to those in need. The holiday gift giving season often results in the need to make extra room in the toy box, the closet, or the dresser. Everyone in the family can get together before the holidays and make that task go a little more quickly and perhaps bring cheer to someone in need of a warm coat or fluffy teddy bear.

If you had to move the furniture around for the holiday tree or the gifts, the clutter buildup may seem even greater than usual. If you want to keep the clutter at bay, practice “don’t put it down, put it away” for everyone in the family.

Keep in mind that all of the flat surfaces in our homes are great for work surfaces, eating dinner, or even a good game of cards; however, they also quickly gather dust and are a magnet for cleaning up. At the end of evening, start a new rule over the winter break and pick up all of the items that are out of place or laying on the floor.

The toys, tools, clothes, hats, gloves, and everything else has a “home in your home.” Avoid allowing these items to creating a cluttered home. Take time out during winter break to organize closets, the spice rack, cupboards, and more. Donate what is still good – donations are a tax deduction (just remember to file the receipt). Looking for more tips check out this blog.