Domestic Violence 24 Hour Hotline

Call 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

Text “START” to 88788

Chat Live: 

Domestic and intimate partner violence awareness provides us an opportunity to shed light on the devastating effect of domestic violence on individuals and families and as well as enabling the Department of Military Affairs to ensure that every house in our community is a safe home.

Reporting Options

Confidential Reporting allows adult victims to report domestic abuse to the State Family Programs Office without triggering chain of command notification. This allows victims additional time, when benefiting from services, to develop safety plans before involving civilian law enforcement agencies for the chain of command. 

Department of Military Affairs personnel may report an adult domestic violence incident(s) and receive information, resources, and referral services without command notification.

Command Notification Reporting allows adult victims to report abuse and triggers a chain of command notification by the State Family Programs Office. A Command Notification Report is required when civilian law enforcement agencies are involved in the case. Details regarding the incident will be limited to only those personnel who have a legitimate need to know.

In addition to receiving information, resources, and referral services, chain of command will receive notification of the incident(s).


If you feel you are a victim of domestic violence, or intimate partner violence, and are in immediate danger, please call 911 for assistance.
For non-emergent situations please reach out to the State Family Programs Office by calling 1-800-292-9464, option 1. The State Family Programs Office will connect callers to community based advocacy resources and services.  

Domestic Violence Resources

End Abuse WI

WI domestic violence resources by region.

Additional information on prevention, awareness, human trafficking & more,


EndabuseWI Link

Black & Brown Womyn Power Coalition (WI)

Hmong Resources for domestic violence.

24 hr help line


BBWP Coalition Link

 Love Is Respect

Healthy Relationship and dating advice. Quizzes, Resources, safety planning for teens and young adults.

24/hr dating violence hotline


Love is Respect Link

WI Batterer Treatment Provider Association

List of provider for males that have committed acts of domestic violence.

Additional resources and statistics available.

Batterer Treatment Locator Link

Latinx Resources

Domestic Violence and Social Services







Anti-Human Trafficking Taskforce

Information, toolkits, statistics, and referral directories.

WI Taskforce Link

National Hotline:


Human Trafficking National Hotline Link

Department of Justice

WI victim’s rights, Safer at Home Initiative, information for families. WI witness rights



Culturally Specific Programs serving the Milwaukee Area 

LGBT, Native American, Latin American, & Muslim

Additional Reading and Resources