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Deployment and Lifecycle Support

Deployment and Military Life Cycle

The Wisconsin National Guard supports federal and state active duty missions.  The Deployment and Military Life Cycle Key Line of Effort ensures that National Guardsmen align their military career with civil goals, and they and their family are prepared for the next steps in life.  The key line of effort is comprised of main components; deployment cycle support and military life cycle programs. The Personal Financial Counseling (PFC) program supports Service members and their families throughout the military life cycle and during periods of deployment. 

Deployment Cycle Support

The Service Member Support Division conducts Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Programs (YRRP) to promote the well-being of National Guardsmen, their families, and communities by connecting them with resources throughout the deployment cycle.  Badger Yellow Ribbon (BYR) events are conducted before, during, and post deployment to ensure that Service members, families, and communities are able to navigate the deployment cycle and access information on healthcare, education, employment, transition back to civilian life, well-being, financial, and legal resources.  Military Life Cycle and community based programs augment and support BYR events conducted across to ensure that Service members and their families are resilient and “Ready Anytime Anywhere.” 

Military Life Cycle Support

Military Life Cycle programs support Service members and their families through recruitment, initial training completion, active service, re-enlistment, veteran support, retirement, survivor, and military funeral honors.   Programs within military life cycle support include:  survivor support and outreach, military burial honors, transition assistance, and employment support and resources. 

Personal Financial Counseling (PFC)

The PFC program assists Service members and military families with financial management and literacy skills throughout the deployment and military life cycle.  PFCs offer free and confidential services across a broad scope financial preparedness and the management related issues and concerns.  Financial counselors provide resources and tools to address basic financial literacy, understanding credit reports, saving for retirement, paying down debt, and coordinating with other organizations to address emergency financial hardships.