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Cameron Campbell

Cameron Campbell

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Cameron Campbell is the Lead WI National Guard Child and Youth Program Coordinator. His primary areas of emphasis wih the program are experiential education, analytics, and increasing the involvement of technology. Cameron’s goal is to increase the involvement and knowledge of the program, using his 18 years of experience working with youth, to impact the growth of the mind, body, and spirit, of the military youth of Wisconsin.

Cameron grew up in Indiana and during his high school years, he began to mentor youth. In 2004, he moved to Iowa, where he received his bachelor’s degree in youth programming with an emphasis on education, in 2008. The next year, he continued his education taking courses in science, and biblical studies. In October 2016, Cameron became MRT certified after completing the Army National Guard Master Resilience Trainer course.

During his studies, in 2006, Cameron became an intern youth pastor, and after the internship, Cameron continued to work as a leader in youth groups. In 2008, he was an event lead for youth in Okuchi, Japan, and until 2015 he was a youth leader, at First Family Church of Iowa. In 2017, he created a youth program at Crossroads Church and Pantry, in Columbus, WI. He will continue this program as the youth director in 2019 and beyond.

In 2011 Cameron started as the Director of Environmental Services, where he maintained building safety while rebuilding the on-site program to meet the needs of the residence. He started working as the Iowa National Guard Child and Youth Program Coordinator in February 2015 and joined the Wisconsin team on June 6th, 2016.

During the summer of 2012, he married Ashley Drabek, and now has 3 children, Brooklyn (6), Aiden (4), and Carter (2). Cameron is passionate about technology and is a diehard fan of the Indianapolis Colts. He enjoys building computers, self-teaching himself to write code, and will watch the Packers when the Colts aren’t televised.

Nick Harnish photo

Nick Harnish

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Hello! My name is Nick Harnish. I am the Wisconsin State Child & Youth Program (CYP) Coordinator. I work closely with the program’s lead coordinator, Cameron Campbell, to provide the military-connected youth of Wisconsin with high quality, exciting adventures. For example, we plan and coordinate seasonal, specialized & day camps, educational programs, and other life skills training which affords an array of experiential learning opportunities.

I come from a positive youth development background and have more than 8 years of professional experience. I discovered I had ‘the knack’ for working with youth while I was teaching social sciences in the state of Maine and I continue to draw on that skill here in Wisconsin with my involvement in Camp Management.

My prior service in the US Army allows me to view the youth development industry through a military lens. That perspective, together with my professional training in human behavior gives me an extra edge working in the youth industry.

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Geography, along with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from UW-Platteville. Currently, I am pursuing a Master of Science in Human Ecology at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. When I am not at work or school, you will find me in the great outdoors! I love kayaking, rock climbing, hiking and anything else that gets me outside. I combine my passion for teaching young people with my knowledge of the great outdoors. Many of our programs allow our youth to play with a purpose and will learn without knowing.

I want to show the military youth of Wisconsin that learning about ‘life stuff’ can be the beginning of a wonderful journey. William Butler Yeats, the great 20th-century poet said, “Education should not be the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” I believe that to connect with youth to leave a lasting impression requires shared interest & mindset. I am that sort of person to fan that fire of learning.