Our mission is to promote and sustain the quality of life and resilience of the Wisconsin National Guard dependent children by providing safe, flexible, high-quality support services, enrichment programs, and events that connect military youth across the state. 

Our goal is to provide programs that support the social, emotional, physical, and family well-being of military youth. 

For more information contact us at:

608-301-8246, JD Engelhardt, Program Lead

608-301-8248, Emily Sorenson, Program Specialist

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Upcoming Events and Programs

Day Camps: Family Events (All Ages)

Day camps are held around the state. Group family events, youth events, and parent/caregiver events. 

Overnight Camp 

Multiple day events held across the state for youth ages 7-17.  Typically held in a rustic camp environment.

Virtual Events and Programs

Events held throughout the year that focus on the quality of life and well-being of military youth (STEM, Arts &Crafts, Social Connection, overall well-being, and life skills. 

Leadership Events & Programs

Leadership and mentoring events for military youth through the State Teen Panel and Junior Leaders events. Scheduled virtually and in-person.