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We aim to enhance the Comprehensive Health & Wellness of the WING by educating our Soldiers, Airmen and their families. 

The Comprehensive Health and Wellness (CHW) Program was created with the vision of giving Service Members and their families the tools to improve their mental, physical, spiritual, financial, and social pillars of health in order to benefit not only themselves, but their loved ones, their communities, and our state. Our Service Members have given much: Now it is our time to give to them. Since the inception of the Wisconsin National Guard, our Service Members have answered the State’s call to duty. Over the last three years, more than ever, Wisconsin’s citizen soldiers have been asked to serve their state in ways few could have imagined: a global pandemic, security in the national capital, and the continued tempo of deployments. With these challenges and more, it is time for our Service Members to focus on their own health and wellness.

The 5 Pillars of Comprehensive Health & Wellness

“You cannot give something to someone you do not first possess yourself.”
Understanding the 5 Pillars can help you achieve health and wellness and successfully meet the challenges that many service members experience. Achieving wellness requires an individual to embrace the following components in their own unique way.
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The Mental Pillar of health and wellness is a continuum of well-being related to thinking, feeling, behavior, and mood which helps people in their ability to cope with ordinary life stressors, realize their abilities, learn, work, and contribute to their community.

The Social pillar of health and wellness is about sharing, cultivating connections, and sustaining meaningful relationships with others to be supported. Social wellness allows you to feel authentic and valued and provides a sense of connectedness and belonging.

The spiritual pillar of health and wellness is finding meaning and purpose in your life while achieving greater mindfulness. It is a cultivation of awareness of unity with something greater than oneself, and finding harmony with self and your surroundings.

The Financial pillar of health and wellness is feeling in control of your money, having the capacity to address a financial emergency, being on track toward your SMART goals, and having the financial freedom to make life choices. Financial Wellness is  the present stability and future resiliency of your money.

The physical pillar of health and wellness is recognizing the need for physical activity, healthy foods, and sleep, as well as preventing illness and injury. Physical health and wellness is the ability to maintain a healthy quality of life that allows us to get through our daily activities without fatigue or physical stress.

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Our Vision

To enhance the comprehensive health & wellness of the National Guard. If we do what we’ve always done, we’ll get what we’ve always got. This remains true regarding our Soldiers’ and Airmen’s’ health and wellness. There is no quick fix to achieve optimal health and wellness. Leaders can however, take responsibility for the culture they create. Our culture is a reflection of our leadership. To improve our culture we must improve the way we lead.

Basic Course

The CHWBC is a behavior change course that equips students with the proper tools to work on and improve life, health, and wellness. Students can expect to learn about the five pillars of health and wellness with practical application in each area (mental, physical, social, spiritual, and financial). The two week course helps students identify root-cause behaviors, develop appropriate interventions, and make comprehensive lifestyle changes that work for them as a military and community member.

Leaders Course

The CHWLC trains leaders to accurately and ethically help their Soldiers or Airmen improve health and wellness. Students will learn basic motivational interviewing competencies and how to manage the culture of health and wellness at their unit. Leaders at all levels (E5 and above) are encouraged to attend this five-day course to broaden understanding of behavior change and intervention of adversity to effectively help those whom they lead.

Executive Course

The CHWELC is a 1.5 day immersive experience for Executive Military Leaders wanting to learn skills to take analysis to action and information to implementation. Executive Leaders (E9, W5, 06 and above, and (GS15) will explore a hybrid of lecture, skill-building activities, and practical exercises within the learning environment which address a variety of challenges associated with high-level organization development, emotional intelligence, and strategic planning. You’ll finish this course with innovative ideas which empower your senior leaders to effectively make change and solve problems. 

Meet Our CHW Team

The Comprehensive Health and Wellness (CHW) Team aims to enhance the life, health, and wellness of servicemembers and their families. Health Coaches, Licensed Social Workers and a Dietitian are at your disposal to promote long-term behavior changes in a psychologically safe environment. If you are looking for ways to improve your overall resiliency, mental, physical, financial, social or spiritual pillars of health and wellness the CHW practitioners are here for you and your families.

CHW Services

You don’t have to be sick to want to get better. 

New to our services? Start here! To schedule an appointment with our practitioners click on the Booking icon to schedule what type of service and who you want to meet with. After you have made your appointment   Microsoft Teams meeting invitation will be sent to your email. Before your first appointment we ask that you please complete the Limits of Confidentiality, and  Intake Form. 

Limits of Confidentiality 

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

My Health coaching sessions began on 6/30. The goal I am reaching towards is achieving a perfect 600 on the ACFT in April 2023. Thru multiple sessions focusing in on my motivations and lifestyle parameters my coach and I established a plan. This helped me to progress in the lagging areas of the test while maintaining the higher level of performance in others. As of the beginning of Sept. the I have improved on my preliminary score by 100 points and I am on track to continue that trend towards full marks by next spring.

CPL, WI Army National Guard

Working with the Dietitian has helped me control my binging and overeating habits. It has helped ease my stress related to food and improve my relationship with food.  I used to view food as a reward when in reality it is a necessity. I can’t go without it but I can choose what kind of foods I eat.

SGT, WI Army National Guard

I’m impressed that there are tools to help me, rather than just “lose some weight.”

Msgt, WI Air National Guard Spouse

I’m changing the way I think about food and body image for the better.

WI Army National Guard Spouse

Understanding Motivation. (7:51min)

Eating on a Healthy Budget. (3:11min)

Supplement Use. (7:1min)

Mindfulness: Stillness Practice (4:27)

How Self-Determination Influences Motivation. (8:52 min)

Resource Library

Want to learn more about the 5 Pillars of Comprehensive Health and Wellness? Maybe you’d like a refresher or learn something new? Check out the videos our CHW team of professionals put together for you to view!

Disclaimer: We are a NON-EMERGENCY service. If you have an EMERGENCY, please call 911.

Soldier/Veteran Crisis Line: 988

Military Financial Aid: (608) 242-3473

Soldier & Family Readiness: (800) 292-9464, option 1

Child & Youth Team: (608) 301-8246

Badger Yellow Ribbon: (608) 242-3424