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In the Guard, everyone wants to be at their best – and a stronger self starts on your go. Comprehensive Health and Wellness Services are specialized to help you take on any challenge, whether it’s mental, physical, spiritual, financial, or social.

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Nutrition impacts our ability to perform at our best in the Guard and at home. Our Registered Dietitians specialize in helping Soldiers, Airmen and their families improve their overall health through better nutrition. They’ll work with you to:

  • Create personalized plans
  • Recommend any dietary changes
  • Guide healthier habits
  • Provide tools for better decision-making
Health Coach

Opportunities for positive lifestyle changes often hide in plain sight. Our Health Coaches hold personalized, 1-on-1 sessions with you to develop a plan of action. You can expect support and guidance on:

  • Stress management
  • Physical Activity
  • Sleep
  • Overall wellness
Social Worker

Stress, anxiety, and other mental health concerns happen – and they aren’t easy. Our licensed Social Workers are always here. They specialize in providing supportive counseling and finding you what you need, such as:

  • Short-term individual counseling
  • Support groups
  • Connection to additional community resources
Lifestyle Integration Coach

The hardest part of making a change is sticking to it. With a goal-driven plan of action, our Lifestyle Integration Coaches find the factors that impact overall health and well-being, then work to make sure you stay on track to improve them. This includes:

  • Personalized coaching sessions
  • Moving to a more motivated, accountable mindset
  • Sustainable changes that hold up over time

CHW Team

The Comprehensive Health and Wellness (CHW) Team aims to enhance the life, health, and wellness of service members and their families. Health Coaches, Licensed Social Workers and a Dietitian are at your disposal to promote long-term behavior changes in a psychologically safe environment. If you are looking for ways to improve your overall resiliency, mental, physical, financial, social or spiritual pillars of health and wellness the CHW practitioners are here for you and your families.

Your journey to improve every aspect of your life begins with our health coaches. This is the best investment you will ever make-an investment in your health and wellness.

Working with a health coach will empower you to be the expert of your health and provide support and tools that can set you on the path to success in your goals

As a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, I will work with you to find out your goals and help you find solutions that are realistic, manageable, and will get you to where you want to be.

As an advanced practice social worker I provide positive support to service members and their families by creating a space where they are heard and validated, working together to address and correct negative thoughts and behaviors.

My role as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and Clinical Substance Abuse Counselor (CSAC) is to help understand how I can help SMs and their family feel supported, listened to and understood as well as connect them to services or supports, further supporting their health and wellness journey.

Michael LeDoux

Together with a Lifestyle Integration coach you will navigate your path through a team of resources to support you along the way.

I want my unit to work with CHW

CHW can support your Unit with individual counseling sessions, presentations, ACFT & weigh in support

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

My Health coaching sessions began on 6/30. The goal I am reaching towards is achieving a perfect 600 on the ACFT in April 2023. Thru multiple sessions focusing in on my motivations and lifestyle parameters my coach and I established a plan. This helped me to progress in the lagging areas of the test while maintaining the higher level of performance in others. As of the beginning of Sept. the I have improved on my preliminary score by 100 points and I am on track to continue that trend towards full marks by next spring.

CPL, WI Army National Guard

Working with the Dietitian has helped me control my binging and overeating habits. It has helped ease my stress related to food and improve my relationship with food.  I used to view food as a reward when in reality it is a necessity. I can’t go without it but I can choose what kind of foods I eat.

SGT, WI Army National Guard

I’m impressed that there are tools to help me, rather than just “lose some weight.”

Msgt, WI Air National Guard Spouse

I’m changing the way I think about food and body image for the better.

WI Army National Guard Spouse

Disclaimer: We are a NON-EMERGENCY service. If you have an EMERGENCY, please call 911.

Soldier/Veteran Crisis Line: 988

Military Financial Aid: (608) 242-3473

Soldier & Family Readiness: (800) 292-9464, option 1

Child & Youth Team: (608) 301-8246

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