About us

We aim to enhance the Comprehensive Health & Wellness of the WING by educating our Soldiers, Airmen and their families. 

The Comprehensive Health and Wellness Program (CHW) is a strategic change initiative which identifies individual and organizational problems at the root cause and innovates solutions to help Wisconsin Soldiers and Airmen make changes that stick.  

 If you are looking for ways to improve your overall resiliency, mental, physical, financial, social or spiritual pillars of health and wellness the practitioners in the CHW are here for you and your families. 

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Thursday, January 26 from 1200-1300 for an opportunity to gain insight from Former Infantry Officer Chris Czarnik’s years of experience and ask questions

CHW hosting Nationally Recognized Talent to talk with and engage with you over your lunch hour.

Award-Winning International Speaker and Author Chris Czarnik will be talking with you about strategies for the development and retention of service members and improving the culture of the Wisconsin National Guard.

Chris spent 20 years in the military as an infantry officer and went on to author several books on the topic of recruiting and developing talent: Job Search Revolution: A Radical Approach to Landing Your Dream Job,  Human Search Engine for Career Search, and  Winning The War For Talent.

The “Learning Lab” is a new and exciting opportunity for service members in Wisconsin to learn about a variety of health and wellness topics directly from nationally recognized professionals in their field.

Imagine having 45 minutes to listen and ask questions of industry experts in the area of recruiting and retention, suicide prevention, loneliness, a resiliency workshop mini session, or how to make health and wellness changes that stick. 

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Understanding Motivation. (7:51min)

Eating on a Healthy Budget. (3:11min)

Supplement Use. (7:1min)

Mindfulness: Stillness Practice (4:27)

How Self-Determination Influences Motivation. (8:52 min)

Resource Library

Want to learn more about the 5 Pillars of Comprehensive Health and Wellness? Maybe you’d like a refresher or learn something new? Check out the videos our CHW team of professionals put together for you to view!

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

My Health coaching sessions began on 6/30. The goal I am reaching towards is achieving a perfect 600 on the ACFT in April 2023. Thru multiple sessions focusing in on my motivations and lifestyle parameters my coach and I established a plan. This helped me to progress in the lagging areas of the test while maintaining the higher level of performance in others. As of the beginning of Sept. the I have improved on my preliminary score by 100 points and I am on track to continue that trend towards full marks by next spring.

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CPL, WI Army National Guard

Working with the Dietitian has helped me control my binging and overeating habits. It has helped ease my stress related to food and improve my relationship with food.  I used to view food as a reward when in reality it is a necessity. I can’t go without it but I can choose what kind of foods I eat.

SGT, WI Army National Guard

I’m impressed that there are tools to help me, rather than just “lose some weight.”

Msgt, WI Air National Guard Spouse

I’m changing the way I think about food and body image for the better.

WI Army National Guard Spouse

Disclaimer: We are a NON-EMERGENCY service. If you have an EMERGENCY, please call 911.

Soldier/Veteran Crisis Line: 988

Military Financial Aid: (608) 242-3473

Soldier & Family Readiness: (800) 292-9464, option 1

Child & Youth Team: (608) 301-8246

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