Sarah Dillinger

Are you activated or deployed under Title 10 or Title 32 Federal orders, and have a child or children in child care? If so, you may qualify for the Army Child Care Fee Assistance Program. The Army Child Care Fee Assistance program was created to provide authorized Reserve and Active Duty personnel assistance in locating, selecting, and offsetting the cost of civilian child care when on-base child care is not available or a viable option for the service member and their family. The program is available through Child Care Aware of America, and provides subsidies for eligible military dependents enrolled in commercial child care programs throughout the United States. 

Child Care Aware of America authorizes subsidy amounts based on Total Family Income (TFI) for eligible Army families and supplies monthly payments directly to the child care provider. To learn more and check eligibility, visit

If you need help finding and paying for child care, contact the Service Member Support Division at 1-800-292-9464, option 1.