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These days, it is no secret that a Service Member’s military service impacts their entire family. Right at this moment, a child in your classroom could be dealing with a parent being gone for up to a year and all the changes that come with that absence.  You as an educator have the unique opportunity to have a positive impact on that student, an opportunity others do not have.This section of our website is designed just for you as an educator or support staff in the school systems in WI.  You spend a good portion of the day with your students and are most likely going to be the one to see if behaviors have changed, or if that student’s grades are suffering because of the deployment of a parent or other special person in that child’s life.  The WI National Guard Child and Youth Program is here to support you!

Please take the time to look through the resources on this web page and if you don’t find what you need, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We want to work with you to ensure that our military kids in WI are getting the support they need.

Helpful Resources:
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School Connectedness
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Educator’s Guide
Deployment and Your Students
Ten Tips for Administrators
Tough Topics:
Grief and Loss
Homecoming & Reunion
Violence, Terrorism, and War