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What in the World is Total Force Fitness (TFF)?

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Serving in the Armed Forces requires individuals that perform at optimally across eight domains of fitness.   Readiness is a barometer check that there are adequate resources within these domains.  The domains are as follows:   Social, physicalpsychological health, spiritual, environmental, medical, nutritional, and behavioral health.  Individuals with adequate resources within the eight domains of fitness are resilient and less likely to suffer from the negative effects of stress resulting in improved well-being.

Did you know that there is one stop resource to educate you and your family on maintaining the highest levels of fitness regardless of your deployment status?  Human Performance Resources (HRPC) by the Consortium for Health and Military Performance is the source for military-specific evidence based TFF information for Service members, families, military youth, as well as unit leaders.

The HPRC provides tools and resources to enhance left of “bang” to hopefully decrease right of “bang” or injury and illness after deployment.  Each of the eight domains of fitness has tool kits are resources to optimize well-being.  For example, since social connections are vital source of support for war fighters, the HRPC has an entire section devoted to Family Optimization.

Do you struggle with maintaining a healthy weight or being physically active?  Tools are resources are available for you, your partner, and your children on striking the balance between activity and healthy eating.  Don’t wait until a month away from your physical fitness test or height and weight measurement to get into shape.  Include your family in your fitness and nutrition plan and physical fitness ready all year long.  Check out nutrition resources here: Fighting Weight Strategies.

The Service Member Support Division is here to assist you with connecting to TFF resources online and in your local community.  For more information, contact us at 1-800-292-9464 option 1.