Badger Yellow Ribbon

The Badger Yellow Ribbon Program will consist of informational events and activities for members of the Wisconsin National Guard, other military services, their families, and community members to facilitate access to support services, provide information, education, and outreach opportunities in continued support of their health and well-being throughout the entire deployment cycle (pre-mobilization, deployment, demobilization, and post-deployment).

The purpose of the Wisconsin Badger Yellow Ribbon (BYR) program is to provide current information, resources, available services and proactive outreach opportunities for service members, Families, employers, and youth throughout the entire deployment cycle. The Yellow Ribbon Program works under the Wisconsin Service Member Support Division (SMSD) to ensure that service members and their Families receive the information about the services available to them including but not limited to: Tricare, VA support, financial planning, Family counseling etc.

A licensed nanny will provide childcare for ages 0-5 and the child and youth program will offer activities for children ages 6-17.
You need to register for each event and register the children that will be attending with you so we can be sure to provide enough supplies and staff for both child care and Youth Programming. Army National Guard Families will receive reimbursement for mileage to the event if they do not live in the same zip code of the event they are planning to attend. Other branches of service will need to check with their units about possible reimbursement. You will need to register with children, at a minimum of 10 days prior to each event. Once registration is received you will receive an email confirming your registration.

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