Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA) Overview Download Federal Tuition Assistance (pdf) *FTA Requests: You have a 5-60 days prior-to-class-start-date submission window for FTA requests. FTA requests submitted later than five business days prior to the class start date are not eligible… no exceptions. www.goarmyed.com *Limitations: Your school must be regionally or nationally accredited with a federally approved accrediting agency and have a ‘Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)’ with the Department of Defense (DoD) completed at http://www.dodmou.com
  • FTA eligibility begins one year after completion of AIT. (BOLC, OCS for officers).
  • Graduate level FTA eligibility begins after successful completion of 10yrs TIS (if FTA was used for any undergraduate level courses).
  • Current Authorized FTA Rates:
    • a.   100% of the tuition cost with limitations of $250 per semester hr., $167 per quarter hr., or $5.55 per clock hr.
    • b.   Up to sixteen semester hours of credit per Soldier per fiscal year.
    • c.   FTA does not cover fees.
  • Authorized Uses:
    • a.   Pursuit of the first Associate, Bachelor’s, Certificate Program or Master’s Degree. FTA will not pay for a second degree or credential in any of these categories, regardless of the funding used for the first degree or credential. Career limits for FTA are:
      • (1)   130 semester hours at the Bachelor’s level;
      • (2)   21 semester hours at the Certificate level; and
      • (3)   39 semester hours at the Master’s level.
    • b.   Soldiers may use up to 21 semester hours of credit toward a Certificate Program if they do not currently have a Master’s Degree and they have not used all of the 39 semester hours permitted at the graduate level. Soldiers may also use up to 21 semester hours toward a Certificate Program if within one year of transitioning and the Master’s Degree was earned more than five years ago.
    • c.   Courses leading to State teaching credentials to teach in the nation’s public school system regardless of the degree level the Soldier attained previously.
    • d.   Undergraduate or graduate prerequisite courses for enrolling in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree or for completing requirements for career advancement programs, such as the United States Military Academy (USMA), the Army Medical Department (AMEDD) Enlisted Commissioning Program, and the Inter-service Physician’s Assistant Program (IPAP).
    • e.   Up to 18 semester hours of coursework for Army Chaplains leading to a certificate program in Marriage and Family Therapy, Pastoral Counseling or Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) regardless of degrees attained.
    • f.   Courses for foreign language proficiency in Army Immediate Investment or Emerging Strategic Languages as identified in the latest guidance from Human Resources Command Army Continuing Education System (HRC ACES) or up to 15 semester hours of host nation language for Soldiers assigned overseas.
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