Customer Rights and Responsibilities


All persons obtaining services from the Wisconsin National Guard – Service Members Support Division (SMSD) offices are entitled to certain rights and also subject to certain responsibilities. The observance of these rights and responsibilities by both customers and the SMSD Staff is vital to ensuring that services are delivered in an appropriate and efficient manner.

As Our Customer, You Have a Right To:

  • Reasonable and impartial access to services regardless of race, creed, gender, national origin, religion, physical disabilities, rank or sexual orientation.
  • Considerate and supportive services with regard for your comprehensive fitness (Mental, Spiritual, Social and Physical.)
  • Personal privacy and confidentiality.
  • Knowledgeable, competent and cooperative staff.
  • Prompt, accurate and reasonable response to your questions and requests.
  • Receive applicable and accurate information relevant to assessing your needs.
  • Provide feedback on services.
  • Be informed of rights and responsibilities applicable to you as a customer.

As Our Customer, It Is Your Responsibility To:

  • Provide accurate, complete information and required documentation to support the services requested.
  • Communicate updated changes in your status and personal information since your last visit.
  • Provide staff member’s feedback about your needs and expectations, desired services and satisfaction.
  • Ask questions to ensure you understand instructions and information.

Statement of Understanding

You can expect the Service Member Support Division staff to respect your right to privacy. However, the staff is not provided complete privileged communication. As in civilian life, SMSD staff members are required by law, with or without your consent to contact proper authorities if:

  1. Staff believes you intend to harm yourself or others and/or;
  1. If a family member is suspected of maltreatment, molestation, child neglect or drug use.

Any Comments/Concerns you have about the quality of service you received should be directed to: 

For General Comments/Concerns:

Family Assistance:  William Hasz    608-301-8290 

Family Readiness:  Dr. Lisa Kluetz    608-242-3470 

Child and Youth:  Cameron Campbell    608-301-8246 

Badger Yellow Ribbon:   Vicki Cushman Edgren    608-242-3424 

Sexual Assault Response:   MAJ Robert Brania    608-242-3047 

Psychological Wellness:   Bob Evans    608-242-3047

If the issue is not resolved to your satisfaction, please contact: 

Service Member Support Division Chief:  Lieutenant Colonel Christina Schmoker    608-242-3480