Personal Security – Are You At Risk?

Personal Security for the Home an Office

When is the last time that you sat down and talked to your family about personal security? Make it a little more difficult to become a victim at home or at work by taking a few simple precautions. Take a look at your car, your home, and your office and think like a criminal.

Be Prepared

Always be alert and aware of the people that are around you. … Read More...

Smartphones: How Safe is Your Mobile Internet Use?

The Department of Homeland Security offers multiple resources on staying safe while online through the Stop Think Connect Campaign. Smartphones are an easy way to get on line, conduct banking transactions, pay bills, and even more. But, just how safe are you when you connect through your mobile device?
Are you aware that 56% of the U. S. population owns a smartphone and that the number of households is increasing? Almost 90% of the time … Read More...