State Educational Programs

WI GI Bill Tuition Remission: WI GI Bill Tuition Remission is a state program for WI veterans managed by the Wisconsin Department of Veteran Affairs (WDVA) which provides a full waiver (“remission”) of tuition and fees for eligible veterans and their dependents for up to 8 full-time semesters or 128 credits at any University of Wisconsin System (UWS) or Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) institution for continuing education, or for study at the undergraduate or graduate level. The veteran must have been a Wisconsin resident at the time of entry onto active duty. Character of service and active duty service requirements apply. The benefit recipient must reside in Wisconsin at time of usage. For veterans, there is no post-service time limitation (such as the federal G.I. Bill delimiting dates) on the use of the benefit. The veteran may attend full-time or part-time. The benefit may be used for continuing education, or for study at the undergraduate or graduate level. Apply Online at: Wisconsin G.I. Bill Tuition Remission Program for Dependents A 100% remission is provided to the qualifying dependents of an eligible veteran:
  • Is currently rated by the federal VA with a combined service-connected disability rating of 30% or greater -Died in the line of duty while on active, Reserve, or Guard duty -Died as the direct result of a service-connected disability, as determined by the federal VA.
*More information available at WI Tuition Grant Reimbursement Program: WI Tuition Grant Reimbursement Program is a state program managed through the Department of Military Affairs that provides Tuition Reimbursement (Up to the UW-Madison rate) for 8 semesters of full time study at qualifying in state schools or those with reciprocity for Soldiers and Warrant Officers without a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Qualifying in state schools (reciprocity applies):
  • DMA form 189 completed by school VA rep (received within 90 days of end of semester)
  • Upon completion of the DMA form 189E the Soldier certifies:
    • They do not hold a bachelor’s degree
    • They have attained a minimum 2.0 term GPA
    • They are aware of the 90 day total deadline
    • No duplicity of tuition reimbursement between this grant & VetEd or WI GI Bill or Chapter 33 Post 9/11 benefits
    • They are an actively drilling guard member at term end
    • They are not a Commissioned Officer (Warrant Officers are exempt) at time of submission