Educational Incentives

Student Loan Repayment Plan (SLRP)
  • Pays for up to $50,000 of your Federal student loans – at the rate of 15% (max $7500) per year of your disbursed loans.
  • Payment includes interest only up to $7500 per year max.
  • Must have one disbursed loan to contract for SLRP. Eligible loans appear on the Federal website:
  • Non-Eligible SLRP Loans are credit based such as: Signature, Private, Alternative or any other Non-Title IV loan.
  • Must extend for a minimum of 6 years upon ETS in an MTOE and Medical TDA unit. DMOS qualified for the position extending in.
  • At the end of your original 6 year contract, you may extend for an additional 6 years to keep the benefit (up to $50,000) and add newly disbursed loans for repayment at that time.
  • Complete & Sign Section II of the DD Form 2475 (sent via Enterprise Email) and provide updated NSLDS Printouts for yearly SLRP payments.
  • Your loans are still your responsibility. SLRP payments will not be made on defaulted loans and payment for that year is lost.
  • Ask if your lender(s) will grant a forbearance or deferment on loans (halts payments, interest may still accrue) while on SLRP.
  • Flagged for Adverse Actions will suspend SLRP payments. Two consecutive APFT or body fat failures result in termination.
  • You must submit all required documents through your Unit.
  • Do not send directly to the Education Office or documents will be returned w/out action.
  • Recommend that prior to contracting, you contact your loan servicing bank(s) and look into consolidation of your federally guaranteed student loans. This will help expedite processing of your contract and your SLRP payments.
  • Loan payments are pre-taxed, thus the amount the lender receives will be less than the stated annual amount. (Taxes reflected on W-2)

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)Apply for Federal grants and Guaranteed Subsidized/Unsubsidized Federal student loans at FAFSA (website). If you Deploy: *Important Deployment note: before you deploy you need to contact your student loan lender(s) and request your loan(s) be placed into forbearance or deferment status for the length of your deployment. You must provide your lender with a copy of your deployment orders. Be advised that you will still want to make interest payments during forbearance or deferment periods to avoid having the interest owed rolled into the total loan amount.