Science, Art, and Leadership Oh My

WI 4-H and WI National Guard Child and Youth Program Partnership Future Opportunities

The Wisconsin Army National Guard Child and Youth Program is proud to support military youth in many of the future opportunities that the Wisconsin 4-H Program offers. The 4-H is a youth organization that has over 6 million members all over the United States. They focus on teaching success and personal growth through positive reinforcement and social interactions. These opportunities are non-committal and are meant for fun and self-discovery.

August 10-13th of 2017, is the Wisconsin 4-H Military Youth STEM Camp. Do you want to add some excitement to your summer? Join us for a Super Summer STEM adventure! Participants will delve into robotics, aerospace, insect collection/identification and using digital observation technologies in the woods. You’ll spend time with other military kids canoeing and swimming, exploring the beautiful winding trails of Black Hawk Island, and telling stories around the campfire.

Not enough Science you say? Well October 4th 2017is 4-H National Science Day. Do you know kids who love science and fun science activities? Well then do we have the one day event for you in Dane County. 4 H National Youth Science Day (NYSD) is the world’s largest youth-led science experiment. Every year thousands of youth take part in the National Science Challenge focusing on important STEM topics and issues.

This year will focus on Fitness and Science. Participants will team up to create a “fit-bit” like device and then test it in a physical activity.

If science is not your forte, don’t worry 4-H has you covered. Are your youth interested in Art? October 6-8th 2017 is Wisconsin 4-H Art Camp. 4-H Arts Camp provides youth in grades 6-8 an experience with six different art tracks including: music, photography, communication, theatre, culinary arts and art in nature. Arts Camp provides older youth and adults with opportunities to teach and strengthen their leadership abilities and provides younger youth the fun of a 4-H camping experience focused on the arts.

If these events weren’t enough, there is still another opportunity in the works. The Youth as Partners in Civic Leadership will be a 3 day camp that focuses on youth as leaders. This year from October 27-29th 2017, the YPCL conference will be held and Upham Woods. The mission of the Youth as Partners in Civic Leadership Conference (YPCL) is to advance youth voice in Wisconsin by increasing the capacity for youth and adults to share civic leadership in local communities, schools and organizations.

So if any of the above opportunities sound intriguing to you, don’t hesitate to get involved. The Wisconsin CYP team and Wisconsin4-H team are excited for all the future endeavors. There is no obligation but to have fun and explore a new adventure of Science, Art, and Leadership.

The Wisconsin National Guard partners with many different federal, state, and local youth programs. If you need additional information or resources, then please contact us at SMSD Email or Call: 1-800-292-9464 option 3 for more information.

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