April is Month of the Military Child

Since 1986, April has been designated as “Month of the Military Child.” During April, military youth are honored for their contributions and sacrifices in support of members of the Armed Forces. This year’s theme is “Military Kids: At Home Across the World.”

The theme this year recognizes the commitment of the Armed Forces to work with communities, military installations, and family programs to ensure that military youth are resilient and thrive in their local community. Frequent moves, deployments, and extended separations from parents for military related training events are commonplace for military youth. These unique challenges set military kids apart from their peers.

Military youth are adaptive, flexible, and resilient in their courageous management of the unique military lifestyle. Military children have “big stories” that can be a source of strength in their schools and communities.

Each year, military youth are invited to participate in the “Young Lives, Big Stories” contest. The contest is designed to tell the story of the men and women serving in the military through the eyes of their children. The contest is open to children in preschool through twelfth grade. For information on entering the contest, please see the attached guidebook.

If your community is celebrating military youth this month, share your stories and pictures with us by email at SMSD Mailbox. Include “Month of the Military Child” in the subject line.

Young Lives Big Stories Guidebook

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