CFPB Complaint Hotline

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau CFPB is now accepting complaints from borrowers having difficulties with their private student loans. The CFPB will assist all borrowers experiencing problems taking out a private student loan, repaying their private student loan, or managing a student loan that has gone into default and may have been referred to a debt collector. The Bureau expects financial institutions to respond to complaints within 15 days with the steps they have or plan to take, and expects complaints to be closed in 60 days. Consumers are given a tracking number after submitting a complaint and can check the status of their complaint by logging on to the CFPB website. Each complaint will be processed individually and consumers will have the option to dispute the lender’s resolution. More information: CFPB HOTLINE:  1-855-411-CFPB (2372) (toll free) To file a student loan complaint on line: For mortgage help: Office of Service member Affairs:

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